How I became a self taught programmer at the age of 15

Hi everyone I am Philip. Being self taught developer can be frustrating and can also be fun but not for me. I started my programming journey at the age of 12. I gazed through the website and optimally look for where to learn. Then I stumbled on python and get used to the language but something happened…. I lost interest because if I build a project in python it gets quickly outdated then I stumbled on FreeCodeCamp. Happy all the way.

Then my journey continues on programming. I took the web development course then climb my way to becoming a full stack developer and also took advanced courses. Then I opted in on python on the freecodecamp curriculum and learnt python for machine learning. I started learning programming at the age of 12 and I am just 15 and already have seven certificates( Five with freecodecamp and two with Cognitive class). I have always loved to learn and absorb new technologies. I became an app developer when I was 14 and built apps to the core after getting through React Native and also with Java and JavaScript (The native language) and also C++. Then when I became 15 I stumbled on machine learning and AI then used it in building algorithms till I became good and professional with it. Today I am a programmer, A full stack web developer, An app developer, A software developer and An AI and machine learning expert. Thanks to freecodecamp, Cognitive Class and Scrimba which made me achieve this feat. This is my advice for beginners entering the field:

  1. Learn the basics first
  2. Proceed to the intermediate
  3. Learn from the experts
  4. Always contribute to the developers group
  5. Then keep learning and gaining more frameworks

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A full stack developer and and AI engineer teaching you at

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Programming guru

Programming guru

A full stack developer and and AI engineer teaching you at

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